No prior musical experience (or banjo) required!

Have you ever wanted to learn banjo chords or know someone who does? Maybe yer just curious about the banjo and have no intention of ever buying one. Maybe yer just startin' to play and conventional chord instruction manuals send ya to snoresville. Have you ever just wanted to poke at spiders? Not sure why you're here? If so, then Chord Bandit is all that and a bag of picks. It's a banjo chord learning app doohickey-game for mobile devices coming in 2017.

What is it?

It's banjo chord tabs wrapped in a memory game. No prior musical experience, knowledge or ability to buy a banjo is required to play. For folks just learning to play the banjo or thinking they might want to play, it's great exposure to major and minor chord patterns up the banjo neck so yer not stuck at the nut durin' a jam. A smarter person might say it's a "brain game for the banjo," -- however strange it may be to say banjos and brains together like that. Like it or not, we learn what's repeated, so like it or not, folks will know something about how to play banjo chords when they play this game. Accidental ear training may occur with one-note backing songs that always match the key yer in. Complete each chord level and unlock a freeplay level with a special scale and chord visualizer mode. Yeehaw!